February to March 2017 – even more of a placeholder

Can you publish blog pages then re-arrange in another order?

I expect you can. I don’t know how to do it:-( I am sure I can go back and edit though so I am littering the blog with placeholders in the vain hope I will at some point go back and amplilfy! This page will contain all the thing s we did in February 2017. ?

Here is a highlight.  It is an aire on an almond and orange smallholding in the Jalon Valley.  We were there to meet up with some members of the Val Del Pop U3A  I met virtually during  my stint as Editor for the U3A Newsletter in York.  They get everywhere these U3As!


Then it was back to France in late Feb to get the car back to Folkestone by 5 March for the MOT. Is it a good idea to have a very old English (well, German actually) car that spends a lot of time in France? Hmmmm….

More at some point.