1. Hi Robina and Neil,
    Just testing out your comments box. Para 2 on your home page is repeated. I’m leaving this comment using my WordPress.com account which I already had set up otherwise I don’t think I could comment. Is it only possible to comment using the “about” page?
    Going to have a look at your photos now.
    Cheers, Helen x


  2. Hello Robina and Neil,we have just stumbled onto your very interesting blog,specially the parts re Friso.
    We are the Australian couple who sold Friso to Jill,but we never meet her.
    We had a wonderful time with Friso and often comment to ourselves and friends about the great adventures and misadventures we had with her,.
    In winter here we often wish we were back on board ,especially the times we spent in villages getting to know the locals and fellow barges owners.
    We keep in touch with Malcolm the previous Canadian owner who had Friso for 7 years.
    Do you think Jill would mind if we contacted her and heard about her life aboard Friso,with some photos of Friso in Ireland?
    Kind Regards
    Karen and George


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