Hmmm – am I cut out for blogging?

Probably not:-(


Too busy to blog

Going on current performance my urge to blog is a pretty inconsistent animal.  Why is this? Partly, obviously, because I am busy doing the stuff I want to blog about and, secondly, because this happens in places where the internet is not necessarily very reliable.  The third disincentive is the time-consuming business of finding the photographs on whichever device they were snapped, downloading them one way or another onto my laptop, and processing them into the blog.  This is a multiple step process and I am sure there must be an easier way yet to be discovered!  And natural inertia probably plays its part too:-(


Just so you know I have not abandoned it, here is a summary of the three months since my last post:

  • we returned to France for a month waiting on works to the fermette;


  • spent the following month learning about motorhoming in Spain by trial and error, and discovering the realities of the weather down there;
  • went back  to the fermette pending returning to the UK. And Neil took advantage of some (rare) February sunshine to give Portia an early spring clean.


So will I continue to blog?  Yes!  Why not?  Fuller, if slightly out-of-date, posts will follow.