May 2016 – get set

Weekend in Nottingham

cropped-snails-poor.jpgAfter mechanical problems too tedious to mention and the most appalling customer service from Lowdham’s in Huddersfield we had to make many rearrangements to get Portia serviced and MOTed in time to get away – the new target date became 1 June.  This meant we had a couple of days and one clear weekend to try the van out and visit Neil’s daughter and partner before taking off.  So there was only one thing for it – we would park on their capacious drive in Nottingham and refamiliarise ourselves with the van in a handy, secure place.  This had another advantage: Erica and Tom have only just moved into their new house and do not yet have a spare bedroom furnished.  So we can now claim to be the the ultimately considerate guests bringing not only our own bedding, but our own bedroom!

First the practical discoveries:

  • the fridge did not want to light on gas!  The very helpful people at Danums in Askern (where we eventually took Portia for the habitation service, having sworn that Lowdham’s would never lay hands on the van again) explained the foibles over the phone and it was OK.
  • flat not being flat again.  Sleeping on a very slight slope is OK even with your head at the down end but not advised if you eat a big meal first.  We do have levellers now but could not be bothered to get them out.
  • cruise control!  Neil has a new toy.
  • the heating and hot water still worked.
  • we still like being in the van
  • Erica and Tom have a really  nice house and very good taste in interior decor.
  • Erica and Tom have a downstairs toilet and shower just inside the front door!
  • a man-cave seems to be a good thing.  In a house that is.

And we had a lovely weekend that included seeing Batman’s castle in Woolaton Park and opening belated Christmas and birthday presents  – yes, we had all been too busy to meet up for some time!  I forgot to take photographs:-( but have one, taken later, of the nice new bunny mugs being put to good use.

bunny mugs

And so back home to pack and prime the van, visit the dentist one last time (hopefully), make travel bookings after the dentist visit, generally sort the house out for the house sitters during our several weeks away.